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jennifer thomson: show and five-day retreat!

Art Hall Jennifer Thomson September-October 2016 [8.5x11]After years of loving invitations (“might you accompany your husband, Philip Incao, MD the next time he comes to Portland?”) the legendary Jennifer Thomson has agreed to lead off our 2016 – 2017 season at The Art Hall as our September artist! In addition, Jennifer is offering a five-day painting retreat, until now exclusively held at her marvelous studio in Crestone, Colorado. Excited? Indeed!

The following excerpt is from Jennifer’s website:

Roaming the rolling hills around her childhood home in Tennessee, Jennifer developed a spiritual connection to nature. In her art, she strives to use color to reflect the “aliveness” of the natural world, to express the interweaving of the living, musical elements of light, darkness and color. Jennifer is an established fine artist and art teacher. Her Studies included, Goethe’s color theory, Rudolf Steiner’s color indications and Spiritual Science at the Beppe Assenza School of Art in Dornach Switzerland. Jennifer’s paintings are created watercolor, gouache, acrylic, encaustic, plant colors with beeswax and mixed medium on different surfaces. Jennifer’s work with students is very individual; her goal is to help students find their own path and voice through the unfolding colors. For 11 years, she was director of the Internationally known Atelier House School of Painting in New York, while continuing to develop her own work. Her students came from North America, Europe and Asia. She taught art at State Institutions for handicapped children and adults, Triform Camphill, Senior Citizen’s retirement centers, in Michigan, New York, Switzerland and Colorado.  Presently Jennifer lives in Crestone, Colorado, teaching and developing her art.

The installation of Jennifer’s paintings, featuring new work and several works on loan from private collections, took place on Tuesday, August 16, 2016. To learn more, join us for the opening reception on Friday, September,16, 2016, including Jennifer’s presentation “A Path of an Artist.” If you are interested in Jennifer’s five-day art retreat, please contact Robin Lieberman at 503-222-1192 or



gemela foster: the golden spiral

Gemela Foster March-April 2015

The Art Hall is pleased to announce its next exhibit: photographs by Portland native and Cedarwood Waldorf School Lead Teacher, Kindergarten Aftercare and Day Program, Gemela Foster, Thursday, March 05, through Thursday, April 16, 2015.

Ms. Gemela, as she is known to the hundreds of children who have been in her care over her twenty-year career, began experimenting with photography while exploring the forests in and around her home city only about two years ago and has quickly cultivated a devoted group of followers.

What makes Gemela’s photographs stand out is how intimately she relates to her subjects, focusing with fairy eyes on magical finds in the forest. You may find her on a trail with one of her own children or sisters, a friend, one of the precious children under her care, or with her beloved Chihuahua, Romeo.

Why the Golden Spiral? Gemela’s study of Anthroposophy in the teacher training at the Micha-el Institute informs her sensibility. In so many of her images she captures aspects of sacred geometry and the Fibonacci Sequence so often evident in nature. Thus, The Golden Spiral was born!

We hope you can join us this Thursday, March 05, 2015 for Gemela’s opening, with an artist’s talk on the Essence of the Fibonacci Sequence at 6:00 p.m.


celia kane: light and darkness in various media


The Art Hall is very pleased to announce our next exhibition: LIGHT AND DARKNESS in Various Media, works by Celia Kane on exhibit from January 15 through February 12, 2014.

Since she was very young Celia has been creating art in a variety of media, including knitting, sewing, embroidery, jewelry, ceramic pottery, drawing, and painting. She attended Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School in Ghent, New York for seven years as a child, graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin with a degree in Studio Art and Anthropology, and completed the Rudolf Steiner School teacher training at Taruna College in New Zealand.

In 2001, after teaching at a Waldorf School in Wisconsin, Celia attended a training session for Light, Darkness and Color Therapy, taught by Janny Mager in East Troy and following the indications of Liane Collot d’Herbois. While Celia had already been drawing on her own appreciation of color her art making was revitalized by the new concepts and related revelations coming out of her meditation. The painting exercises create fertile spaces for potential, in which the viewer can either rest or feel moved to take action. A synergistic blend of artistic, spiritual and scientific principles gradually developed, including a greater appreciation for Johann Goethe’s theory that color is born out of light entering into darkness and a greater respect for the laws of physics as seen at sunrise and sunset. (Some call the movement of colors in the sky at sunrise and sunset “the map of the Spirit world.”) The acrylic paintings and pastel drawings on exhibit, drawn from Celia’s last four years of work, are variations of the watercolor veil painting exercises that are typically done over the course of three full days in the formal Therapy training.

Having completed half of these exercises in acrylic Celia now occasionally has time to spend an uninterrupted day or more working on a new veil painting. She also spends much of her time mothering two beautiful boys, supporting her husband in his medical practice, and most recently studying at Western Seminary’s MA in Counseling Program here in Portland. She’s busy!

We hope you can join us for Celia’s opening on January 15, 2015, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m., with an artist presentation at 6:00 titled the necessity of doing art: light into darkness.


marie-laure valandro: homage to liane

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Ms. Valandro graced The Art Hall and everyone who entered with her magnificent and healing paintings, inspired by her beloved teacher, Liane Collot D’Herbois. The titles allude to the inspiration each calls forth: Threshold, Sophia Imagination, Simon/Buddha/Child/Mary, Archangel of Healing, and Moses are just a few of the fourteen sacred works. Taking months to create, these veil paintings reveal the dynamic relationship between light and darkness, out of which is born color. It is clear that Marie-Laure is an artist of great intensity and devotion, carrying forward the important work of her teacher in exploring the healing qualities of color.

Ms. Valandro kept us engaged in Cedarwood’s Waldorf School’s adjacent and newly lazured performance space for over an hour during her presentation on The Arts, which was really more a collaborative experience than a lecture. She quickly won over her audience of several dozen with her vitality, depth of knowledge, and love for humanity and its future, focusing on the critical role of the arts in our collective evolution. Twice during her presentation Marie-Laure invited us all to go back into The Art Hall to participate in an exercise: first to observe the light in a painting and second to note where one’s eyes would naturally fall and focus. In each case we shared our impressions–in the form of a feeling word–and together began to develop an emotional understanding of the power we had experienced. The presentation was both lively and informative and was met with enthusiasm and grand applause.

Friday morning The Art Hall hosted a three-hour workshop on Light and Darkness in charcoal with Marie-Laure. Such a study is a precursor to working with color as first prescribed by Liane and then later taught by Marie-Laure at her school in Wisconsin. Though brief, the workshop gave the thirteen participants more than just a taste of how one begins to understand–and feel–the dynamic tension between light and darkness.

We again want to thank Marie-Laure for her thoughtfulness and the tremendous amount of labor she put into wrapping each painting, piling them all in her truck, making the long drive down from Bellingham, and then hanging the show all in one day. All the paintings are for sale: Marie-Laure donates her proceeds to charity and, as usual, a portion will also go to The Art Hall to support our mission of community enrichment through exhibits and presentations by artists working out of Anthroposophy. If you are interested in a private viewing please contact Robin Lieberman at 503-222-1192 or


marie-laure valandro: save the date!


Please join us on November 06th for a rare public exhibit of veil paintings by world-renowned artist and teacher, Marie-Laure Valandro.

Marie-Laure’s extensive education, travel, and teaching have brought her in touch with artistic and religious traditions across Europe, the Middle East, other parts of Africa and Asia, and the Americas. She eventually encountered Anthroposophy, studied the painting methods of Liane Collot d’Herbois, and founded her own school on the technique in Wisconsin, where she also developed expertise with biodynamic farming methods. Marie currently lives in Bellingham, Washington.

Please join us for this very special event. The opening reception will occur on Thursday, November 06th, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m., with an artist presentation on The Arts at 6:00 p.m.