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jennifer thomson: soul and heart nourishment

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With the gentleness of an attentive caregiver, the thoughtfulness of a good friend, and the knowledge of a true master, Jennifer Thomson humbly and fully shared her Path as an Artist with an intimate group of attendees on her opening night, Friday, September 16th. Everyone remained perched like a nest full of open-beaked baby birds waiting to be fed and no one left disappointed.

Jennifer poetically and generously shared a rich biography, from her roots in Tennessee through her attendance at the Fort Lauderdale School of the Arts, where she and fellow students first took up of the task of realism and where Karl Voster, an anthroposophist, then awoke in them an awareness to “what lives inside, such as the soul of a human being or essence of a flower. Studies with Beppe Assenza at the Goetheanum followed.

Documenting a number of artists with whom she worked, learned from and taught, Jennifer led us further through a carefully curated slide presentation of all the stops along the path of her life as an artist. We learned of her early years as a fellow student with Larry Young, who continued on the path of painting the evocative soul portraits of human beings. We saw slides of her beloved teacher Beppe Assenza, her former student and fellow Art Hall exhibitor, Laura Summer, and others woven into a complex and compelling story of her emerging as an artist who has learned through lots of hard work to paint with a sense of freedom, joy, laughter, intense observation and living consciously.

Jennifer’s show remains open by appointment through Friday, October 14th. Please contact Robin at or at 503-222-1192 if you’d like to stop by! And last, please check in here again soon for a post about Jennifer’s week-long retreat.

All photos provided by James Lee.


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  1. Robin, you have a beautiful way of writing….a real gift

    October 7, 2016 at 5:55 am

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