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a special event: the question of consciousness today

paper, shepherd's wool, steel, wood

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The public is in need of experiences that are not just voyeuristic. Our society is in a mess of losing its spiritual center…Artists should be the oxygen of society. The function of the artist in a disturbed society is to give awareness of the universe, to ask the right questions, to open consciousness and elevate the mind.

Marina Abramovic, performance artist

Dormant most of the summer, The Art Hall at Cedarwood Waldorf School came alive once again with art submitted by member artists attending a special conference here, August 28 – 30, 2015, featuring Virginia Sease from the Goetheanum on The Question of Consciousness Today.

During the Friday evening public lecture, Virginia spoke about the necessity of relating one’s inner experience to the outer world. We’d like to note that the day was the anniversary of Goethe’s birth, who had emphasized the same process and principle in illuminating his color theory. Indeed, this is what the creative process, inherent in our humanity, invites us to do—whether one is an artist or not!

The artists were invited to answer the question, “What does the question of consciousness today mean to you and how is it reflected in your work?” Six artists were available to participate in this exhibit that accompanied the Conference and imbued the hall with qualities of soul. The artists were introduced to the audience and their answers recited. Then everyone entered the hall to experience the works with this in mind.

Art is eternal yet its forms change. And if you realize that art always has a relation to spirit you will understand that both in creating it and appreciating it art is something through which one enters the spiritual world.

Rudolf Steiner, in Spirit and Non Spirit in Painting, from the Color Lectures

Carrie Gibbons. Carrie is an active member of The Visual Arts Section, School of Spiritual Science in North America and most recently organized the section’s annual meeting here in Portland. She is a prolific artist with a keen interest in the social aspects of art and is currently a doctoral student in Transpersonal Psychology, focusing on recognizing and improving the spirituality of our speech. Her displayed work, The Listening Bowl Series, offers each participant an instrument and process to creatively explore encounters with others. The series were available to view for a week after the Conference and then traveled along with Carrie to participate in community development for Camphill communities. You can email Carrie to learn more about the Listening Bowls.

Acknowledging the sanctity within the encounter with another creates the space to both gift attentiveness, and to receive wisdom of the unseen forces weaving through every dialogue; this represents an essential element in the process of awakening.

Robin Lieberman. Robin is the founder and curator of The Art Hall as well as a psychotherapist and painting therapist. Seven pastel paintings of the Manzanita sunset are on view.

Every moment is an opportunity to see and experience with all our senses what is novel; like gazing at the stars, or painting a coastal sunset form the same physical space over and over again-there is always the wonder and awe that inspires me to soften my edges, breathe freshness and compassion into (my) life and work.

Patricia Lynch. Patricia just completed 30 years of teaching and leadership at the Portland Waldorf School, most recently as the High School Fine Arts Teacher. At the Art Section Annual meeting last month in Portland she and Carrie presented their impressions of the Portland anthroposophic artistic community after conducting dozens of interviews. Two of her oil landscape paintings hang in the exhibit.

Out of my wakefulness, I move towards or am interested in something. I make a choice out of myself. My choice is working with color expressing my interest in nature.

Cheri Munske. Cheri is an anthroposophic art therapist and master puppeteer.

For me, the question of consciousness today begins with movement towards, a striving to cultivate interest in, warmth for the other. In the case of the artistic process, being awake to the colors, movement, [and] gesture can bring a certain consciousness, which can lead to an experience of something deeper wanting to shine forth. (more…)