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robin lieberman: color on the camino

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To a crowd eager to learn about her interpretation of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Robin delivered a vibrant and lyrical description of her pilgrimage as viewed through the lenses of history and the divine qualities of color.

Walking day after day, without the comforts and security of home, family and community, pilgrims tend to share their stories with one another, fostering a connection between souls. For many early pilgrims this intimate sharing on the journey began what later became the practice of Catholic confession. These early pilgrims faced many of the hardships we continue to face today, yet they did not fear dying, as one’s soul would be redeemed.

Color, one of the magnificent gifts from the Cosmos, is created out of the dynamic relationship between light (heaven) and darkness (earth). The human being experiences color within her soul as feeling, the soul being the mediator between heavenly and earthly existence. Simply and elegantly stated by Margarethe Hauschka-Stavenhagen, “color is the speech of the soul”.

Robin sketched and painted this group of eighteen images over the year following her pilgrimage, both to process and document her experience. Most of the pieces were created with chalk pastels, enabling the artist to layer and smudge, thereby treating the medium like watercolor veil painting, her preferred medium. Robin found it exciting to work with chalk after years of training in the Collot method.

Eight of the elegantly framed pieces were sold, adding to the growing fund for installing true gallery lighting in The Art Hall! If you missed the exhibit, feel free to contact the artist at Prints, cards, and some paintings are still available.


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