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gemela foster: the golden spiral

Gemela Foster March-April 2015

The Art Hall is pleased to announce its next exhibit: photographs by Portland native and Cedarwood Waldorf School Lead Teacher, Kindergarten Aftercare and Day Program, Gemela Foster, Thursday, March 05, through Thursday, April 16, 2015.

Ms. Gemela, as she is known to the hundreds of children who have been in her care over her twenty-year career, began experimenting with photography while exploring the forests in and around her home city only about two years ago and has quickly cultivated a devoted group of followers.

What makes Gemela’s photographs stand out is how intimately she relates to her subjects, focusing with fairy eyes on magical finds in the forest. You may find her on a trail with one of her own children or sisters, a friend, one of the precious children under her care, or with her beloved Chihuahua, Romeo.

Why the Golden Spiral? Gemela’s study of Anthroposophy in the teacher training at the Micha-el Institute informs her sensibility. In so many of her images she captures aspects of sacred geometry and the Fibonacci Sequence so often evident in nature. Thus, The Golden Spiral was born!

We hope you can join us this Thursday, March 05, 2015 for Gemela’s opening, with an artist’s talk on the Essence of the Fibonacci Sequence at 6:00 p.m.


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