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celia kane: opening & workshop

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Thank you Celia Kane for reminding us of the “necessity of doing art”! To an intimate crowd on a rainy Portland night, Celia delightfully shared with her engaged audience that through doing art one has the opportunity to connect with deeper parts of oneself. As Celia related, art invites one to engage with the piece—be it a painting, music, or acting, etc.—providing an opportunity for communicating with its creator, and thereby fostering connection with others. Expressing oneself through art fosters our human connection to one another.

Celia explained the phenomenon of the rainbow, the sunrise and sunset, where one can see all the colors and how they appear in nature. She acquired this knowledge in her training in Wisconsin and continues to keep it alive in her paintings which now grace The Art Hall with an expanse of color—it is a feast for all! Three charcoal pieces illustrate the dynamic relationship between light and darkness, the precursor to learning about color. Celia’s handling of the charcoal is masterful and can be further appreciated in her illumined acrylic paintings, watercolor veil paintings, and pastels. Her exhibit also includes charming animal paintings that emerged out of earlier veil paintings. The series of stained-glass-looking acrylics arc beautifully on the Hall’s south wall.

Celia offered to teach others Light and Darkness in Charcoal on January 30th. A group met at Studio 901 downtown, worked on several pieces, and then committed to meeting monthly 9:00 – 12:00 the last Friday of the month! Yes, the Art Hall is about building community and we are on our way! If you are interested please contact Robin Lieberman at 503-222-1192 or at