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patricia homan lynch: new landscapes

Patricia Lynch - May Flyer

This month we are delighted to celebrate our one year anniversary at the Art Hall with exquisite, oil-painted landscapes by local artist, Patricia Homan Lynch. Please join us on Thursday, May 08th, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. for her opening reception, with birthday cake!

“He, to whom nature begins to unveil her open secrets, feels an irresistible longing for her worthiest interpreter, art.”


Although Patricia’s works are almost entirely paintings of landscapes, she explains that her process is more meaningful than simply creating an image of what she sees before her. She attempts to perceive the forces of nature around her and to capture those non-visual elements through her use of color. Patricia has been painting landscapes for many years and finds that working with the same subject over a long period becomes a meditation, deepening her understanding of color.

Images in today’s media are so immediate and changing,” Patricia says, “and it is a healthy challenge to commit to one image and really explore and refine it over time. My own exploration of color, pondering the purpose of art, and my search for truth, creates a mood around art that I think allows students to feel comfortable exploring and expressing themselves too.”

Patricia is also the Fine Arts teacher at the Portland Waldorf High School. To read more about Patricia as artist and teacher please see her faculty profile in April’s edition of The Heartbeat, Portland Waldorf School’s newsletter.